Broken Hearts & Zombie Parts by William Hussey Review

Hello Readers,

I adored this book and William broke me on page 372 it wasn’t quite full-blown Kim K crying but there was a fair few tears. This isn’t the first book I have read by William, but it is the first I have reviewed on READ’s. At the risk of sounding like a crazy stalker I have been following William on social media for a while I knew how personal this book was to him and I am totally going to blame that for crying.

Broken Hearts & Zombie Parts deals with some serious topics like body image, homophobia and bullying but William manages to cover these topics without dragging the whole mood of the book down. William also looks into the reality of a life-threatening operation, friendships, dementia and dysfunctional families. William really has packed this book full of real issues that people face. However not once did I feel bogged down by the book or felt that the topic being raised were too harsh. 

Just a little plot summary. Our main character Jesse has just been diagnosed with a heart issue after collapsing at the High School Prom and he has just 4 weeks to make his zombie movie. He also wants to find a boyfriend before his body is hideously disfigured, Jesse's words not mine.  I adored all the horror movie references in this book.

This book also felt a little therapeutic for me as it got me to take a hard look at myself. Slight spoiler dear Reader but our main character Jesse is worried he’s going to forever be alone because he’s getting open heart surgery at 17 and scared about his scar and how hideous he’s going to be. I’m like boo you’re going to be fine, stop being so harsh on yourself and you'll find someone who will make you happy. Yet I’m here like I can’t really date again because no one is going to want to be with someone who can go into anaphylaxis for shits and gigs. That was the long hard look at myself dear Reader how can I build up a fictional character but still be so harsh on myself.

All the characters in this book are so vividly written and loveable, there isn’t a single throw away character in this book. Every single person whether they are part of the main trio or for example the lady who runs the dinner they have a small arc and are well developed and thought out.  I loved Jesse and his quirky ways; I would love to sit and talk horror movies with him. also, special shout out to Jesse’s two best friends Cas and Morgan they are honestly just perfect and so well written and believable.

This book has the cutest easter eggs ever!

L x

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