Margo Zimmerman Gets the Girl by Brianna R. Shrum and Sara Waxelbaum Review (Gifted)

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I would like to say thank you Harper360YA for sending me an ARC of Margo Zimmerman Gets the Girl by Brianna R. Shrum and Sara Waxelbaum for free in exchange for an honest review. 

Title: Margo Zimmerman Gets the Girl

Author: Brianna R. Shrum and Sara Waxelbaum


Pages: 304

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Synopsis: Margo Zimmerman is gay, but she didn’t know until now. An overachiever at heart, Margo is determined to ace her newly discovered gayness. All she needs is the right tutor. Abbie Sokoloff has her own gayness down to a science. But a flunking grade in US History is threatening her acceptance to her dream school. All she needs is the right tutor. Margo agrees to help Abbie get her history grade up in exchange for “Queer 101” lessons. But as they spend more and more time together, Margo realizes she doesn’t want just any girl—she wants the girl.

Miniature Review

Margo Zimmerman has just realised that she is gay after a game of spin the bottle at a party, where she kisses a girl. Figuring out she's gay during her senior year of high school has its challenges for Margo and she dumps her boyfriend. Margo stresses she doesn't know how to be gay which is where Abbie Sokoloff comes in. Abbie is bisexual and has been out and proud for a while. But Abbie has her own problems. She is failing her history class and the college that accepted her is now revoking her admittance because of her grades. Margo offers to tutor Abbie in exchange for “Queer 101” lessons.

This book is filled to brim with representation. Margo is autistic, Abbie has ADHD, Margo’s brother is pansexual, and poly and the other main characters are Jewish. No one is stereotyped in this book and the characters come across very real with all flaws and virtues we have as humans. I think this book could be relatable to anyone who may be questioning or confused about their sexual orientation. It’s kind of sad the amount of pressure that is put onto people in the LGBTQIA+ community but there is no correct way to be gay please be kind to yourself.

Margo's family is one of the greatest fictional families I have come across and I would love to meet them. While on the other hand Abbie's parents can be seen as neglectful and in their own world, fighting a lot with each other.

I adored this book and can't recommend it enough.

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