Liner by Chris Coppel (Gifted)

Hello Readers,

Thank you, Chris, for reaching out and sending me an eBook copy of Liner for free in exchange for honest review.

This is the first book by author Chris Coppel that I read, and it certainly will not be the last. Liner is a horror thriller set on a luxurious ocean liner and I really enjoyed the atmosphere that he created as the descriptions were incredibly detailed.

I loved how Chris uses David's dreams and hallucinations to convey the ship's deterioration. I adored how easy it was to envision Chris’ world and how the suspense and tension built right up until the end. I’m sorry a huge spoiler but I loved how Chris used David's dreams and hallucinations to convey the ship's deterioration.

The book is set in the 1960s David Easton has had a full it doesn’t rain it pours couple of months. He’s lost his wife and kids and just for the full effect were going to sprinkle the loss of his job on top.  David books a first-class ticket on a luxury cruise on the Oceanis, because that has never ever gone wrong in the whole of maritime history. We’re just gloss over the fact that once the ship is out at sea David wants to jump from the stern and drown himself.

However, the Oceanis has plans of its own and mysterious things keep occurring that baffle David, and then he meets Diana. Diana is on a cruise with her parents. Despite being a grown ass woman and editor at a magazine her mother is still trying to find her a husband.

When one of the ship stewards disappear, David and Diana decide to investigate, I mean what else are they going to do on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. David and Diana find comfort in each other which perfectly mixes a touch of romance with mysterious going on’s and leaves you guessing to the end.

L x

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