Masters of Death by Olivie Blake Review (Gifted)

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Thank you, NetGalley for giving access to an eBook copy of Masters of Death by Olivie Blake for free in exchange for an honest review. This is the second book I have read by Olivie this year I read One for my Enemy back in April and The Atlas Six is on my TBR.

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Title: Masters of Death

Author: Olivie Blake

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy

Pages: 347

Cover Image:


This book is about an estate agent. Only she's a vampire, the house on sale is haunted, and its ghost was murdered.

When Viola Marek hires Fox D'Mora to deal with her ghost-infested mansion, she expects a competent medium. But unbeknownst to Viola, Fox is a fraud - despite being the godson of Death.

As the mystery unfolds, Viola and Fox are drawn into a quest that neither wants nor expects. And they'll need the help of a demonic personal trainer, a sharp-voiced angel, and a love-stricken reaper. And it transpires that the difference between a mysterious lost love and a dead body isn't nearly as distinct as you'd hope.

Miniature Review

This book was love at first sight I mean have you seen the waterstones limited edition. The mint pastel green with the skull sprayed edges like gimmie and I preordered the book without even reading the blurb. I am lucky no pretty book has ever let me down and yes, I am sorry I do judge books by their cover when they are this pretty. Also look at all the other limited editions of the book they are all stunning.

Once I regained my composure after preordering the book, I finally read the blurb and fell in love with the premise I think it’s because the premise reminded me slightly of the “Being Human” TV series.  I will stop fangirling sorry. I had high expectations for this book as Olivie made me rethink my stance on hating Romeo and Juliet with One for my Enemy and this book didn’t disappoint.

Olivie Blake has once again created a story that has a perfect plot and brilliant characters. Olivie has masterfully intertwined paranormal beings within the modern world and made it feel like it could easily be part of our reality. As the story unfolds, we go on an emotional journey that explores relationships and what it is to truly live and love. This book also reminds us that life is full of ups and downs no matter who we are.

Olivie knows how to write her characters and it’s such a pleasure to read her books just to meet the new characters that’s not to mean I don’t love her story telling as much in fact they’re on par. Olivie has such a way of writing realistic characters, each with realistic depth and motivations. This was another excellent book from Olivie and I can't wait to see what comes next. 

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