Trouble by Lex Croucher Review (Gifted)

Hello Readers,

I would like to say thank you to Zaffre books for my prize of a physical copy of Trouble by Lex Croucher.

I entered the competition for the book just after I rewatched Bridgerton and caught up with Queen Charlotte and was living in my regency reawakening. I was hooked by the first couple of lines of the blurb “Emily Laurence is a liar. She is not polite, she's not polished, and she has never taught a child in her life. This position was meant to be her sister's - brilliant, kind Amy, who isn't perpetually angry, dangerously reckless, and who does (inexplicably) like children.”.

Dear Reader, I blame growing up watching the 1998 Parent Trap film but I love a good switch-a-roo story.  Amy was supposed to be staring a new employment as a governess for Captain Edward’s children. However, Amy is sick, and her sister Emily takes over her job and identity but Emily hates kids and is a far cry from her sweet and caring sister. Emily is working under false pretences and hoping to smuggle a few trinkets along the way to help get money to look after her sister, but Emily is soon drawn into the family politics of Fairmont house.

Emily has a fiery temper and I enjoyed seeing how the people around her loved her fierce character and didn’t try and dimmish her flame. Emily is standoffish, witty, and relatable in every aspect even through her inner turmoil of never feeling good enough, and her self-deprecating jokes.

The houses servants are determined to see her as one of them despite Emily's best efforts and. I adored the found family element amongst the servants as it was heartwarming. Slight spoiler dear Reader I loved watching Emily's resolve fade away as the servants, the kids and Captain Edwards started to grow on her. All the characters in this book are simply divine as they are so beautifully written with great depth. Oh, I almost forgot the love interest is not like the normal grumpy regency men he makes his feelings clear. I know!

I love how Lex did an excellent job at creating historical fiction with that modern twist. The queer rep was so well done and despite the time period it’s not seen as a big deal amongst the main characters. Chronic illness was talked about throughout the book without it being taboo, something that I always love to see.

This book was a cute little modern regency tale, and I adored every second.

L x

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