Disaster Dates & Lucky Escapes by Tess Smith-Roberts (Gifted)

Happy Valentines/Galentines Day Readers,

Thank you, Rosa, and Octopus Publishing for sending me a copy of Disaster Dates & Lucky Escapes by Tess Smith-Roberts for free in exchange for an honest review.

I am a little late reviewing this book thanks to my allergies but what book would be better to recommend on this Valentines/Galentines Day. The story follows Olive as she navigates the ups and downs of online dating and dating in general. I hope this becomes a series as I would love to read more.

You would think a book called Disaster Dates & Lucky Escapes that you would be lucky to not be able to relate to our protagonist. But Dear Reader buckle up despite the story being a little “wacky” it’s completely relatable, I think we've all had dates that have been the same as Olive's or we know a friend who has. I will be brave enough to say that most of us could easily share our own experience with Olive over decent food and a drink. I think you can’t help but feel-good while reading this book as its funny and it can help you realise that you’re not on your own with disaster dates.

The illustrations were wonderful and are well drawn. This is a quick and enjoyable read that will have you laughing out loud throughout. I hope that others have had as much fun reading it as I have as it really does feel like you’re having a chat with that friend who has no luck in their love life. I will be honest Dear Reader I have never tried speed dating, but I can imagine some of the potential horrors. This book laugh-out-loud funny, I even snorted at points and this book is genuinely so heart-warming.

L x