The Dead Podcast – Rebirth Full Review

Hello Readers,

Just like I have said for the past four week I would like to say this post is not sponsored I am just sharing the love of a friend’s work. It’s also no secret I adore Pixies writing but this is just a whole new level of awesome. There are going to be SPOILERS in this review.

There is something about giving birth in a zombie apocalypse that most people shy away from where Pixie gave us a more realistic representation of what happens after birth. However, it isn’t until episode two that we learn that the zombie apocalypse starts while our protagonist is at the hospital having an appointment to check everything is okay at the 8-month mark of her pregnancy.

There are a realistic thought-provoking path Pixie takes us down in this story and it’s that our protagonist first experience with zombie’s starts in hospital to the point a line even states there are no doctors, and they have to leave. I am quite happy that this series was dark and I’m sorry, but I like how the people in this series haven’t all magical become expert in everything and how a doctor or in some case even a vet doesn’t magically appear just as the protagonist is about to give birth.  It’s a trope that majorly gives me the ick Dear Reader I’m sorry, but life doesn’t happen that way.

Can you imagine having to face the reality of the zombie apocalypse starting 8 months into your pregnancy but then also having your best friend steal your baby. Imagine looking for your kidnapped baby straight after birth without having the luxury of postpartum care or a peri bottle or postpartum pads.

In my review for part three, I mentioned that there is an underlining horror that I think is being revealed under pinning each episode and I was in the right ballpark was Eve planning on stealing the baby all along and the zombie apocalypse just added a slight hiccup on her plans.

The story was a little darker than I originally thought and that isn’t a bad thing it was a realistic addition and not a cheap way to add tension to the story. It’s not hard to feel the unease during this story it really does make the hairs on your neck stand up. That’s added layer I mentioned last week were Pixie stuck another layer onto it in this final episode I really don’t know what is scarier knowing that Eve was going to take the baby no matter what or the fact that zombie Eve can still somehow recognise a baby and try to care for it. Intelligent zombies have always been a guilty pleasure, but this is a dark path I have been looking down for the past week.

As I said last week I would a full book following this story in these four episodes I was fully enveloped in the story as it was fully thought out and well plotted. I know I’ve just stated that I want more from this story and I am just being greedy as Pixie has done a wonderful job brining story to a close and tied up the loose ends.

L x