The Dead Podcast – Rebirth Part Four

Hello Readers,

Just like last week I would like to say this post is not sponsored I am just sharing the love of a friend’s work. It’s also no secret I adore Pixies writing but this is just a whole new level of awesome. There are going to be some slight SPOILERS in this review.

Before we get too deep into this review, I am going to say I loved the four parts of Rebirth. The story was fully fleshed out and well plotted but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want more. Pixie could tell me there are 10 more episodes coming and I would be lined up ready on the front row. The story was a little darker than I originally thought and that isn’t a bad thing it was a realistic addition and not a cheap way to add tension to the story.

In my review for last week’s episode, I mentioned that there is an underlining horror that I think is being revealed under pinning each episode and it’s hard to discuss without full blown spoilers. Well, I was in the right place BUT Pixie stuck another layer onto it in this final episode and I can’t wait to release my full review including full spoiler next week.

I know I’ve stated that I want more but this episode really did bring the story to a close that tied the lose ends together and I think I’m being slightly greedy, but I would also read a full book on this story.

Come back next week for my review on the whole story.

L x