The Dead Podcast – Rebirth Part Three

Hello Readers,

Just like last week I would like to say this post is not sponsored I am just sharing the love of a friend’s work. It’s also no secret I adore Pixies writing but this is just a whole new level of awesome. There are going to be some slight SPOILERS in this review. 

In this episode we learn that the zombie apocalypse starts while our protagonist is at the hospital having an appointment to check everything is okay at the 8-month mark of her pregnancy. This flash back takes the forefront of the episode. I will be honest I never gave a thought to the poor women who are 8 months pregnant when the zombie apocalypse starts.

It’s not hard to feel the unease that she feels not only is she entering the safe delivery part of her pregnancy but now there are zombies. There is a realistic thought that Pixie had brought up in this episode and that is that our protagonist first experience with the zombie starts in hospital to the point a line even states there are no doctors, and they have to leave.  

There is an underlining horror that I think is being revealed under pinning each episode and it’s hard to discuss without full blown spoilers. I’m going to sit on it till I review the story as a whole but if I am right this story is a little dark than I originally thought and that isn’t a bad thing.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode despite it being the final episode. Also despite my best efforts to get answers out of Pixie she’s not giving anything away and I need to know how this story finishes.

L x