York Ghost Merchants Review

Hello Readers,

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to York and visit the Ghost Merchants. The main shop is currently shut but I was lucky enough to visit the dispensary please don’t be mad Dear Reader I forgot to take photos inside of the Dispensary itself. The Shambles shop is currently closed for maintenance and will re-open on the 29th of February and currently the Dispensary is open 10am-5:30pm till the main shop reopens.

What is The Ghost Merchants?

The ancient city of York is well known for its ghosts and has a reputation for being the most haunted city in Europe, perhaps even the world. A turbulent and torturous past has given rise to a collection of ghostly happenings across various locations in York and have become a huge part of York’s legacy like the Vikings and Romans. Or Dear Reader it could be that there is a rich tradition in York of telling ghost stories that stretch back for centuries. There is no denying that ghosts are an integral part of York's history.

This is where the Ghost Merchants comes in, they are the makers and sellers of the original York Ghosts. Each ghost is handmade in their workshops either above the shop on the Shambles or around the corner at the Georgian townhouse on St Saviourgate. The ghosts are handmade to ensure that each York Ghost is unique, and each ghost is completed with an embossed maker’s mark.

What is The Dispensary?

The Dispensary is a trading booth sited in St Anthonys Garden just 5 minutes’ walk from the main shop on the Shambles. The Dispensary was created to try and help reduce waiting times during busy periods away from the hustle & bustle of the Shambles. The Dispensary stocks a smaller selection of the Original and Little York Ghosts, and they only take card payment. Just a quick note usually The Dispensary isn’t usually open every day and they don’t keep regular hours.

A lot of thought has gone into everything at The Ghost Merchants and The Dispensary. I know I didn’t go into the Ghost Merchants but from the shop window I could see everything was themed perfectly to fit the aesthetic of being down the shambles. While the Dispensary is in the shadow of a 15th century church, a medieval guild hall and the city walls. Both locations also have little photo booths where you can photograph the ghost you have chosen to take home.

As well as being set in a perfect location the Ghosts Merchants packaging is exquisite. The boxes feature a hand drawn Ghost Merchants shop, the Original York Ghost is wrapped in an 1852 map of York. While the Little York Ghost comes in the “Boo” box with an oval gilt-edged viewing window which I have seen on social media, and it looks so cute.

L x