Atalanta by Jennifer Saint Review

Hello Readers,

I am excited for Hera to be published in May and I can’t wait to see the see the different sides of The Queen of the Gods. I thought I would refresh my memory of Jeniffer’s writing style and reread Atalanta. I know Atalanta isn’t on my goodreads for last year, but it was one of them books I read while reacting and I didn’t want to publish a review that was just word salad.

I grew up watching Jason and the Argonauts (1963) and it was what inspired me get interested in Greek myths when I was younger, and it wasn’t till I was an adult I realised there was a character missing not just any old character but I kind of main character. Why did the film miss out Atalanta. I was listening to podcast when I heard the name Atalanta mentioned and jumped down the rabbit hole.
Turns out being born a princess isn’t always as fun as you would think as Atalanta was left on the side of a mountain because she had the audacity, nerve and the gumption to be born a girl… I know! She was then raised by bears because why wouldn’t that be the next step. Atalanta was taken under the wing of Artemis and the nymphs. Just a side note Artemis is a demanding custodian and in my opinion is way too harsh with her expectations.
However, thanks to this “character building” Atalanta grows into a strong woman who in her adult life will take on a whole ship of doubtful men on what she can accomplish. Atalanta becomes a skilled bowman and huntress; Atalanta even takes a vow of chastity to Artemis who in turn gives her the gift of swiftness and guides her arrows with accuracy. One thing I loved that despite the forces against her Atalanta is always true to herself and never apologised for who she is.
I liked Jennifer writing style; it was easy to follow and inspired me to learn more about the characters. I know I’m a little bias as I love running off and doing my own research. Jennifer does an incredible job of knitting together all the myths about Atalanta. I couldn't put this book down because the worldbuilding was gorgeous and Jennifer created a version of Atalanta that reader can relate too. You can’t help but get invested in the overlooked story that accompanies Jason on the Argo. I think this book not only appeals to Greek myth fans, but to fans of mythological retellings, fantasy readers and anyone who love a strong female character.