Athena's Child by Hannah Lynn Review

Hello Readers,
Of course, I have snuck another Medusa Myth retelling into Greek mythology march before we look at Hades and Persephone retellings next week. This review contains spoilers.

Just a quick reminder of the myth of Medusa she was raped by a Poseidon in the temple of Athena (Athene). Instead of enacting revenge of the perpetrator Athena took away Medusas beauty and turned her into a snake haired gorgon and Athena made it so anyone who locked gaze with Medusa was turned into stone. Medusa removed herself from being a problem she moved to a secluded island with her sister’s so she wouldn’t turn anyone to stone, and you know what the Gods sent people after her.  
If you think you know the truth about the Myth of Medusa wait till you read this retelling. Heads up Hannah is going to make you feel all the emotions. I loved this book it was a quick read, perfectly paced and beautiful written. I adored that this retelling felt more of a true origin story of Medusa. In my head this book is spilt into three sections the first is focused on Medusa and her sisters the second on Danae and the birth of Perseus and the third well we know how this myth ends.
At the risk of angering the Goddess of wisdom and military victory, I loathed Athena by the end of this book. The way Athena helps Perseus in this book is just rage inducing she sits and completely twists the narrative of what happened to poor Medusa and even says “She is not human. She has never been human.” I’m sorry Athena but why are you lying you did this to your own priestess. Also, Athena pushing the narrative of how much of a monster Medusa is… SHE PUT HERSELF ON AN ISOLATED ISLAND SO SHE WOULDN'T HURT ANYONE! Can you tell I’m mad? Sorry for shouting.
This is one of the most heart-breaking Medusa retellings I have read… I cried. Final spoiler warning… I think this is the first retelling that I have read where Euryale and Stheno despise Medusa because they blame Medusa for them being turned into gorgons and over time, they have isolated her and even mock Medusa by calling Poseidon Father. Euryale and Stheno not liking Medusa hurts after reading multiple retellings where they protect her and help her some to terms with being a gorgon.
I cant wait to read my books by Hannah Lynn and I already have A Spartan's Sorrow downloaded from Kindle Unlimited.
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