Thief of Spring by Katherine Macdonald Review

Hello Readers,

“The Greek Gods are real. But they aren’t gods. They’re faeries.” Yes, you read that right dear reader. Also, in this book Hera finally had enough of Zeus bullshit so she killed him and took over herself naming herself Zera… not even mad.

This was another reread for me as I read it back in 2022 and I loved this retelling a little more this time. I have read a lot of Hades and Persephone retellings, but this is one of my favourite twists as it perfectly combines Greek mythology with the world of faeries. This is a Fae YA twist on the Hades and Persephone myth, so you can expect Faerie politics and lore sprinkled with the Greek pantheon.
I am familiar with both fae fantasy and the Greek pantheon members, so this was just a great book for me. I don’t know if it was because the book was a reread or the writing as I felt like I was being welcomed home to an extremely dysfunctional family reunion. Just me third wheeling in The Underworld #lifegoals.
The writing style is clean, and the dialogue is snappy and keeps the plot moving. The plot is action-packed, brilliant, the slow-burn romance is done perfectly, and the whole story is supported along by an amazing cast of characters. I loved Katherine’s reimaging minus the fact she let Hera get he own back on Zeus all the other familiar Greek pantheon are given new and unexpected traits and twists in the mythology that makes this story unique.
The slow burn romance was just perfect as both Hades and Persephone are so lovely and hurt in their own way, and the gentle way they put each other back together… be still my little black heart. This Hades is slightly more of the stereotype as he likes the fact he is knows for being the ruler of the underworld. This version of Hades is sweet, swoony, funny, thoughtful and a touch snarky. Persephone is there to bandage his wounds and be the light in his life. Persephone is strong, loving, and accepting. Mr “I’m so scary ruler of the underworld” saves Persephone from being a sacrifice to the Unseelie King during a Halloween Party, remember he’s the “Bad guy”.
Ill put my hands up dear reader its completely user error but book two got lost on my TBR so I have brought it near the top cause that ending is living rent free.