A Novel Love Story by Ashley Poston Review (Gifted, AD)

Hello Readers,
Thank you, HQ stories for sending me a physical copy of A Novel Love Story by Ashley Poston for free in exchange for an honest review. As this is a publication day post my post will be spoiler free.

Happy Publication Day 
A Novel Love Story
Author: Ashley Poston 
Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance, Domestic Fiction
Pages: 384
Cover Image:

Eileen Merriweather loves a good love story. The fictional kind, anyway. After all, imaginary men don’t break your heart.
That’s why she’s so excited for her annual book club retreat – instead, when her car breaks down en route, Eileen finds herself in Eloraton. A town where every meet is cute, the rain always comes in the afternoon, and the bookshop is always curated with impeccable taste.
It feels too good to be true … because Eloraton is the setting of her favourite romance series. And Eileen is sure she must be here to bring the town its storybook ending.
But there’s one character she can’t place. The grumpy bookshop owner with mint-green eyes, and an irritatingly sexy mouth. He does not want Eileen to finish this story, but how else can she find her happily-ever-after?
Miniature Review
I have been an Ashley Poston fan since I read The Once Upon a Con series. I’m not going to lie Ashley is one of the authors I struggles to review as saying “I love it so buy it” isn’t really a review.
This book is for the romance fans who wish they could escape into their favourite fictional world when life gets to be too much. My fellow dark smut readers this type of fictional world isn’t for us.
I am so happy A Novel Love Story lived up to how much I had hyped it up in my head. It would have been my own fault dear Reader but I fell in love the synopsis and was lucky enough to get finished copy from HQ Stories. It was everything I would look for in a cute romance book I mean who isn’t a sucker for enemies to lovers and grumpy x sunshine trope set in a cute fictional town.
Follow me down the stray path for a second dear Reader if we look just beyond the love story at the focus of this book you can see a slightly deeper meaning. You can see a story about the love we as readers have for our favourite series and authors. It was just an added layer I couldn’t help but love.
Don’t mind me I am off to drive around till I get lost and end up in the fictional world of my dreams.

L x