Wild Deodorant Review

Hello Readers,
This post isn’t sponsored I just wanted to share a product I love. Being allergic to citrus can be annoying at times as it and all its cousins end up being in a lot of products. It’s been hard the past couple of years as my reaction have increased it’s been harder to find a me friendly deodorant until last year when I finally tried Wild.

Wild have every ingredient listed on their product pages there open and honest layout make it so much easier to work out if a scent is going to be me friendly. I wouldn’t want to claim that this is the perfect deodorant for everyone, but I do believe it is a good quality deodorant and perfect for me. This has only happened a couple of times but Wild has left a white mark on my black t-shirt but I think that was because I was in a rush getting ready and possibly user error.
I have waited a couple of months to type up this little review as I wanted to make sure that Wild was working and it wasn’t just me thinking it was. While doing research before I got my first Wild deodorant, I read some reviews about Wild deodorant taking a couple of weeks to work with their body. I will say that luck was on my side as my body didn’t react much when I switched to Wild, and I didn’t seem to have a transition period moving to a natural deodorant. This is the second natural deodorant I have tired the first being a deodorant crystal I tried at university, and we did not become friends.
I love that I can still smell the coconut and vanilla scent at the end of the day, and I don’t feel paranoid. This may be a little tmi dear Reader, but I have had a reaction while wearing Wild and have still smelt of coconut and vanilla on the recover side of my reaction if that isn’t a stress test of the scent, I don’t know what is.
L x