Cyprus Kiss by Murray Bailey Review (Gifted, AD)

Hello Readers,

Thank you, Murray Bailey,for sending me an eBook copy of Cyprus Kiss for free in exchange for an honest review. I am so excited to back be on an adventure with Mr Carter after we had a little break from each other thanks you my silly allergy disorder.

Once again Murray has effortlessly created a vivid and easy to visualise world where he transports us as the reader to Cyprus in the late 1940s. I love picking up a Murray Bailey book because I know I'm in safe hands. Okay I will admit I can’t read this series in reactive episodes as they are beautifully complex, and I would I missing the bread crumb trail Murray leaves in his books and I forcing myself to read them would be a discredit to Murrays writing.
Cyprus Kiss is the prequel to the Ash Carter Singapore series. I would like to think I am well versed in the current Ash Carter universe, but it was great reading this prequel. For me this was a prefect prequel and it worked on every level as it upheld what I already knew and adored about the future Ash I know, while helping us see some of the events that have shaped him.
This book focuses on Ash’s life as a military investigator before his later move to Singapore. I am pretty sure I say this every time I go an adventure with Ash but after reading and reviewed several of Ash Carter series, I think Cyprus Kiss is my new favourite.  I thoroughly enjoyed Cyprus Kiss and I am so far devouring The Killing Crew.
Murray has shown Cyprus in the 1940s in a brutal but honest light by including detailed observations about geopolitical concerns and widely held attitudes and prejudices of the time. The storyline was well-written with good use of descriptive language. There are plenty of twists and turns, keeping the plot suspenseful, fast-paced and gripping. Once again Murray kept me guessing the whole way through creating another brilliant page turner. I found myself completely immersed into story as the characters came across realistic and I adored the setting as it was easy to picture.
This series is available on Kindle Unlimited if you would like to join Ash on an adventure.

L x