Late K Lunacy by Ted Bernard

Hello Readers,

This is a spoiler free review and will be updated after the books release
Thank you LibraryThing for the chance to read this ebook for free and giving me the chance to give a honest review this book

 Late K Lunacy is a beautifully descriptive book setting up the books world in a scarily realistic manner that blurs the lines between the books world and the real world. 

 The book is set in a university town, in a fictional pre- and post-apocalyptic environmental incident in the lead up to the mid-2030s. 15 years from now, which in nothing in the grand scheme of apocalyptic or foresight novels most are usually set 50+ years from publish. 

I found the book thought provoking as it makes you ask the yourself the questions will climate change, over fishing the oceans, devastating the rain forest or a global pandemic will finally push the world over the edge and cause irreversible change that we may not be able to recover from. I will be honest after reading the book I did a little research of my own and the facts are shocking and worth a look into. 

Ted Bernard challenges readers through a new vision of the future, a view that we could possibly learn from. It might not be world global warming that’s pushes earth over the edge it might be the fracking, over fishing of the oceans or destroying the rain forests.

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