Arrowheart (The Love Curse #1) by Rebecca Sky

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This is an update from the first five chapters sneak peek I did back in April (it was my second book post on my blog ahhhhhh). This is your warning this review may get a little fangirly sorry not sorry. Also, if you are joining me from either my Twitter or Instagram you will know how excited I was on a countdown till the books publish date. 

This book fills my inner mythological Greek history geek with excitement and joy that I haven’t experienced in this genre for a while (looking at you Percy Jackson and Rick Riordan).

Arrowheart has a perfect blend of Greek mythology with modern teen life in the backdrop of modern-day New York. I honestly enjoyed the uniqueness of this book; a romance, contemporary fiction with an intriguing fantasy blend by adding Greek gods and mythology. I found the characters of the book easily relatable and authentic, even though most of the characters are descendant from Gods they were created in such way that made them easily relatable.

The plot follows a teenage girl called Rachel Patel, who seems to be a normal convent schoolgirl, but she hides a secret she is, in fact, a Hedoness - a direct descendant of Eros, the god of Love, and is capable of controlling men by kissing them. Rachel is a likeable and realistic character from the get-go. I love that even though she has this gift to make any boy fall head over heels in love with her, she just wants to be an average teenage girl.

On the other hand, I found Rachel's friend Marissa a little marmite. There were times when I really wanted to shake some sense into her as she comes across very self-centred and has no real worries in the world but I do believe it is all an act. There are some moments when the fa├žade breaks and you can see she’s actually vulnerable. She also believes that it is her given right to use her powers as a Hedoness as she pleases.

Both Rachel and Marissa attend a special school, disguised as a religious institution. The aim of this school is quite simple, it teaches the girls about their ability and how to use it for the greater good of society. Rachel doesn't want this power and is appalled at the way others use it and exploit those they turn, as they call it, making them pretty much their slaves. Rachel wants a different life despite being paired with the class' top student (Marissa), she still hasn't turned anyone.

I’ll be honest I binge read this book in one sitting (4 hours). The book was fast-paced and funny and interesting. Not only did I enjoy the Greek Mythology history and factual spin on YA, I love how incredible but believable the world Rebecca has created. This is quite a light-hearted read but still captivates the reader; for me, the ending was particularly strong, and I'll definitely be looking out for sequel books in this series. 

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