Trans Teen Survival Guide by Fox Fisher and Owl Fisher

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I’ve been waiting to review this book till I had enough blog traffic because I honestly think this book needs to get the attention it deserves and now I have the added bonus as it is PRIDE month.

I have and always will be a LGBT rights supporter

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Publish date: 21st September 2018

I don’t think spoilers are really an issue with this review but just in case possible spoilers

What I liked most about the book was how the book has been presented, the book is made up of short chapters containing relevant information on specific topics followed by people sharing their own personal stories relating to that specific topic. The friendly, encouraging tone makes it very accessible and although the writes deal with some difficult issues, the book manages to remain upbeat and optimistic. It is made clear that there is no one way to be trans and that the most important thing is to be free to be who you are. Readers are encouraged to seek out accepting and authentic friends, the support of the trans community and to practise self-care.  There is also practical advice about how to change your legal name, as well as advice on emotional well-being such as hobbies, taking care of your mental health and eating well.

The book explores what sex, gender, gender orientation and gender expression are, the differences between them, and how there isn't a good or bad way to be a certain gender. The book not only explores what gender is, but also how it's viewed in society and how hurtful some of the stereotypes can be. It rightfully (In my opinion) warns trans teens about people who could have ulterior motives and be more obsessed with their genitals vs their gender (this is honestly a thing and I’m glad it has been addressed).  I appreciate the diversity present throughout the book, as it is informative for trans individuals and is inclusive to anyone who identifies within the trans umbrella identity, such as non-binary individuals.

The books constantly informs the reader that, no matter how they identify and express themselves, they are queer/trans, which is a really important thing. There has been a lot of "discussion" on social media by keyboard warriors in the past few years about how some people are supposedly not queer enough. This micromanaging and negativity is extremely hurtful to the LGBT+ community, and I am glad that they address this in the book. They also remind the reader that having surgery or not is a personal choice and doesn't affect the fact that they ARE trans.

I honestly think this book is extremely important and was presented brilliantly. There is plenty of resources listed and trans readers are reminded that it gets better, they will be alright, they matter, they are valid and they are enough. I think it's vital that we have more books like this exploring each and every aspect of the LGBT+ community.

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  1. This is such an important topic. Thanks for sharing this book with us. Everyone should read it.

  2. This sounds so so inspiring!! Thank you for spreading the word! xo


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