Giant Days by Non Pratt

Hello Readers,

I picked up Giant Days at YALC this year, I was going to preorder it then I found out that there would be early copies available so picked it up there and got a cute travel mug.

I will be honest from the get-go I haven’t read the graphic novels that this book is based on, however, I was all in! I'm a huge fan of Non Pratt. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't appreciate some references or grasp the characters, but I was wrong! The characters are introduced in a way that doesn’t seem too info-dumpy. The story covers all the basics of Uni life homesickness, new love interests, making friends, evil yoga cults.

Giant Days follows 3 girls who become friends in their first year of university and tackles issues and achievements that everyone can face in University. The setup is perfect, and the plot is just crazy enough to still be believable. I can't remark on whether it's accurate when compared to the graphic novel but I can say at least from my point of view you don't need to have read the graphic novel in order to love this story. This book was unadulterated fun it combines great characters and snappy banter to produce a fabulous reading experience as it is full of mystery and adventure, easy to read and is a humorous book.

As soon as I was introduced to Esther, Daisy and Susan I knew I wanted to get to know them and I found they were easy to relate to. It’s easy to feel every emotion with them as they are trying to navigate their first year of university. Esther is the emo goth girl who is struggling with trying to have fun and taking college seriously she is also dying to make a good impression on a popular goth girl on her course (English with modules in Creative Writing). Daisy is the sweet, innocent girl who has home schooled her entire life and just wants to make friends. feeling lonely she sets out to make friends by joining every single society she can, including a mysterious Yoga group. Susan is going into pre-med and doing fine until she randomly bumps into her ex-best friend, which causes some drama dealing with course stuff and friendship drama I loved how different each of them is, yet they complement each other beautifully.

Non Pratt captures those early days at university so well and highlights the insecurities of freshers and making friends. Non does a fantastic job of capturing the highs and lows of university life: the feeling of being a little lost, missing your home and your old life. All of this plus academic demand can be quite stressful. Woven throughout this tale is the lesson about being yourself and how to tell if someone is a real friend. It's a fun novel, that is humorous and heart-warming. It's the kind of book you want to curl up with a cup of tea and a packet of biscuits.

I would definitely recommend Giant Days for anyone who is going to Uni

L x