The Confectioner's Guild by Claire Luana

Hello Readers,

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Due to be released: 23rd October 2018

I thought this was a fantastic start to a series and I love the world Claire Luana created. I was expecting a cosy mystery novel but It surprised me in such a wonderful way, it was a deliciously dark YA fantasy that was so immersive. The Confectioner’s Guild seized my interest from the start with the concept of food-based magic, I haven’t really read anything with food-based magic before. I loved the magic system and I can’t wait to learn more about it (hopefully in future books). This book starts with the action there is drawn out wait to get the event that starts the ball rolling I think the party starts in the second chapter. 

The main character Wren is our plucky and brave protagonist, Wren is a very talented confectioner who bakes magic into her desserts (Unbeknown to her). She works for her master at an everyday bakery, baking and decorating beautiful desserts. Wren is working away in the bakery when the right-hand man to the guild master walk in and takes her to the guild where she learns that magic is not only real, but she can manifest in her baking. However, her luck doesn’t last long as she’s accused of murdering the guild master whom she just met mere minutes prior as he ate her enchanted cupcake before he died. In the eyes of the guild, Wren is guilty until proven otherwise which makes her life at the guild hall miserable and she finds herself in the unfortunate position with no family or friends to defend her. Wren is given the chance to prove her innocence before the king's inquisitor arrives in a months’ time before she has to suffer the tortures of the inquisitor. Wren is such a strong and clever and has a magnificent character grow throughout the book.

I find this whole magical and political system that Claire has created in this book is fascinating and well developed the magic system itself revolves around food and nine food and drink related Guilds, which holds an unusually high influence within the country, second only to the royal family. The cast of characters was interesting and all of them have an interesting background that you can’t help but get invested in, as well as the contrast between the different factions built into the political and Guild structure of the books world. I’m looking forward to seeing how the world and conflict develop as it develops in the future.

This book, in my opinion, is unique, right when you think you know without a doubt who the killer is, the evidence points in another direction. I really enjoyed that aspect of a murder mystery in a fantasy world and I want to look more into this genre any suggestions would be great. There is a brilliant mixture of fantasy, mystery and political intrigue to see if Wren would make it out alive.

L x