Trans Teen Survival Guide by Fox Fisher and Owl Fisher publication spotlight

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This is an updated of my review I post I posted back in June. I’ve been waiting to do a spotlight post  just after the book had been published (Friday 21st) because I honestly think this book needs to get the attention it deserves. Instead of repeating my previous post this is a spotlight post

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The link I am including to buy the book benefits MermaidsMermaids is a charity that works to support gender diverse children and teens, their motto is to 'embrace, empower, educate'.
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Title: Trans Teen Survival Guide
Authors Names: Fox and Owl Fisher 
Genre: LGBT, Educational, Young Adult
Release Date: 2st September 2018

Synopsis from Goodreads
Frank, friendly and funny, Trans Teen Survival Guide will leave transgender and non-binary teens informed, empowered and armed with all the tips, confidence and practical advice they need to navigate life as a trans teen. Wondering how to come out to your family and friends, what it's like to go through cross hormonal therapy or how to put on a packer? Trans youth activists Fox and Owl have stepped in to answer everything that trans teens and their families need to know. With a focus on self-care, expression and being proud of your unique identity, the guide is packed full of invaluable advice from people who understand the realities and complexities of growing up trans. Having been there, done that, Fox and Owl are able to honestly chart the course of life as a trans teen, from potentially life-saving advice on dealing with dysphoria or depression, to hilarious real-life awkward trans stories.

Mini review (Full review here)
The book explores what sex, gender, gender orientation and gender expression are, the differences between them, and how there isn't a good or bad way to be a certain gender. The book not only explores what gender is but also how it's viewed in society and how hurtful some of the stereotypes can be. It rightfully (In my opinion) warns trans teens about people who could have ulterior motives and be more obsessed with their genitals are vs their gender (this is honestly a thing and I’m glad it has been addressed).  I appreciate the diversity present throughout the book, as it is informative for trans individuals and is inclusive to anyone who identifies within the trans umbrella identity, such as non-binary individuals.

The books constantly informs the reader that, no matter how they identify and express themselves, they are queer/trans, which is a really important thing. There has been a lot of "discussion" on social media by keyboard warriors in the past few years about how some people are supposedly not queer enough. This micromanaging and negativity are extremely hurtful, and I am glad that they address this in the book.

Fox and Owl remind the reader that having surgery or not is a personal choice and doesn't affect the fact that they ARE trans.

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