This Cruel Design by Emily Suvada

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Due to be released: November 1 2018

Today we have the second book in This Mortal Coil series by Emily Suvada. If you have seen my review of the first book in the series you will remember I mentioned it was the first zombie book that I have read that made me gag a little (Sorry Emily). I think this might be down to a weak constitution because I was the same with The Girl with all the Gifts saying fungal infection it just makes me cringe. Before we move on to the second book in the series here;s a link to my review of book one This Mortal Coil. Also Spoiler Alert 

It’s only been a week since the events where This Mortal Coil left off. Catarina “Cat” Agatta sent the vaccine she helped develop to try and eradicate the terrible hydra virus that caused its victims to detonate, leaving survivors holed up in underground bunkers. Lachlan is on the run taking his plan to recode humanity with him and a mutated strain of virus on the loose and it's up to Cat to save everyone. Cat, Leoben, and Cole are recovering from everything that happened at the end of book one but time is running out if she is going to prevent Lachlan from reprogramming humanity. Cat is hoping for a chance to regroup and decide on her next move, Cat also needs to learn how to control her new panel and deal with the memory glitches that threaten to reveal more secrets. They’re found by Dax and they go to Cartaxus.  There is another virus that is now threatening humanity and the newly developed vaccine doesn’t work with this one.  They are all sent to go to Entropia, Entropia was thriving on the virus, with the use of DNA and coding, panels are a thing of the past.

The Mortal Coil didn’t end with a cliff-hanger but it does leave you wanting for more and the second book delivers. This book answers the questions I had from This Mortal Coil, I was pleased to learn more about Cat, her past, her family, and her motivations. Cat's backstory was a real surprise and I didn't see it coming and at the same time as were learning more Cat is finding out a lot of secrets from her past. This Cruel Design lived up to every expectation set by its predecessor. Fast-paced and intelligent. I had a hard time putting it down and couldn't wait to find out what misadventures Cat and her unlikely team got into.

The writing style is stunning, utterly seamless with the science behind making the realms of the impossible even more surreal, pushes the boundary ever closer to our own reality which is a scary thought to say the least. This book like the first was written beautifully thought out with the biotech science I’m still not going to pretend to understand the wonderfully complex cyber genetics or the science side of things, the realms of possibility are pushed even further in This Cruel Design, with better tech and more extreme methods of coding and animal mutations.This Cruel Design ramps up the tension, the pace and the stakes, introducing new characters and pushing the boundaries on everything once thought possible for genetics and technology. Cat raced against time in this book, which kept the storyline moving along swiftly.

New characters are introduced, old ones reappear, and relationships become more complicated and sides are chosen. You'll find yourself in this book having a lot of trust issues in this book. Cat really does go through it in this book though, both physically and mentally. Cat is one of the best heroines I've come across in a while. Her strength, bravery and determination are to be truly admired. 

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