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Hello Readers,
Thank you, Ellen for the invite onto the blog tour for Distortion: A Phobos Novel
by Victor Dixen

Thank you for joining me on the opening day of the blog tour for Distortion: A Phobos Novel grab a biscuit and a cuppa and get comfy. I have a spotlight for you and then I am going to let the wonderful Cora who writes on her own blog Tea Party Princess take over for the review Distortion as she has beaten me to reading Distortion and has given me permission to use her review. Then I have a little bonus for you guys.

Title: Distortion: A Phobos Novel
Author: Victor Dixen
Genre: Science Fiction
Books in the series:
Collision (18/04/2019)
Release Date: 18 October 2018
Cover Image:

After a speed-dating show that is literally out of this world, twelve young astronauts are set to become the first humans to colonise Mars. They are also the victims of the cruellest of plots.
LĂ©onor thought she was a pioneer on an extraordinary mission. She thought she had left all regrets behind her on Earth. But when memories are this painful, there can be no forgetting.

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Author Biography from Victor's website:
My father is Danish and my mother is French. When I was a kid, I travelled throughout Europe with them, it was fantastic. Now an adult, I still have a taste for travels and stories. I once lived in Denver, Colorado, at the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Later I moved to Dublin, Ireland, and then to Singapore. Today, I live in New York City with my family and my two inquisitive cats.
Oh yes, I almost forgot to tell you: I am a very light sleeper, and have always been. No treatment was ever able to cure my insomnia, but I think that's for the best. With time, my sleepless nights have become very good friends. I even dare say that they are my muses!

Now I am going to leave you in the hand of the delightful Cora for a miniature review of Distortion, Cora’s full review can be found here.

I had been eagerly awaiting Distortion since I finished Ascension, so I couldn't help but jump straight in as soon as I got it. And I was absolutely not disappointed.

I loved the further scrutiny of reality TV and human greed, control and manipulation.

This series is commonly referred to as Love Island in Space and although that is a fair and excellent comparison, I feel like it sells it short. Because the Phobos books are so much more. Yes, there are the intense relationships brought on by living in such close quarters, the coupling up, the cameras everywhere... But there is so much more to the story. There is drama and a fight to stay alive, secrets and subterfuge, a possible betrayal hovering ready to strike at any moment.

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Here is the little bonus surprise the opening of the first book in series Ascension

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  1. Honestly, I absolutely love the Phobos series ❤️ Thanks for sharing my review!
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/


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