10 things I love about Christmas

Happy Christmas Readers,
Today I thought I would share the 10 things I love about Christmas

Eating my body ­weight in food
All the cheese, pigs in blankets and stuffing! What more do you need

The Decorations
I love all the lights, all the colours, and just legit everything Christmas themed

The Movies
This is an issue is our house Mother Goose would watch Christmas 24 all year round if she could so we have soft teasing about what we’re going to watch. But there is a serious debate on whether we watch The Grinch or Home Alone first.

The Music
Mother Goose and I love nothing more than shouting Fairy-tale of New York at each other but we honestly love a good Christmas sing along.

The Holiday Cheer
The holidays always seem to bring out the best in people and everyone seems a little happier

Keeping a secret stash of gifts
Christmas is about giving, I love seeing Mother Gooses face when finds her surprise main gift.

Keeping a secret stash of holiday goodies
Anyone else hide something Non-Perishable away and forget about it till you find it in January? Just us? Okay

Silly Traditions
We have a couple of little traditions on Christmas Eve we’ve kept up or evolved through the years
New PJs
Walking around to see the Christmas lights 
Hot chocolate 
Glass bottle cokes 

I know I’ve already mentioned food but this point is about making food most of the festive season I am baking from cookies to sausage rolls

Chill Time
The hectic hustle of the holiday season can take its toll on anybody. Once you’ve got everything sorted you can finally settle down, relax, and give yourself a little holiday cheer.

L x