Christmas Gift Guide

Happy Christmas Readers,

This Christmas gift guide that will focus on shops and product that I have discovered this year. I have loved each of these stores and I don’t think I can recommend each of these business and products enough. None of this post is sponsored I am just fangirling at my favourite shops and their products.

I found Fairy Fountain on Etsy after getting the cutest witch earring in Julys Book Box Club box Witchcraft box. After looking at the store I found a Shark Necklace if you follow me on Instagram, I used it as a prop with my Bruce the shark bath bomb, I got from geeky clean.

Having seen the website before and I couldn’t wait to order but then I realised that they would have a stall at YALC so I picked up some bath bombs and I loved them. Geeky Clean is not exclusively a bookish themed company they are all round geeky and I love seeing the new things that they come up with. I also love the lip balms after getting winning on in YALC competition. I have to say I have two favourite products I love the lip balms and BRUCE the shark. Special shout out to Nerd Poured Candles too. 15 items down the list and there is still so many to try. 

I have ordered two things from Literary Galaxy and I loved both of them so much. The first is a Green house inspired bookmark it looks good no matter what book it’s in but it takes pride of place on top of my Slytherin Edition books. The second is a lanyard that again I love it and it is well made. My lanyard managed to cope with me chucking it in and out of my bag over the YALC weekend and for a while at Destination Star Trek. I chose my lanyard ribbon in the blue galaxy theme because I try to keep my blog colour nice and calm with blues, pinks and purples. Take a peek at Literacy’s Christmas buts they look so cute.

I will be straight from the start and say the first order I got from Laura was a complimentary sample box of wax melts to try out in return for an honest review but honestly, I loved them. The weekend after I reviewed them, I ordered 4 more melts three for me and one for Mother Goose.

Fable and Black has been one of the pages that I’ve seen pop up even before I started blogging and never visited. They have such wonderful designs and a wide variety of product. I have always been drawn to their amazing pin badges and bookmarks. Back in June, I ordered some bookmarks (the ince pictured and the Shakespeare ones)  that I could give out or hide at YALC well I kind of failed! I liked the books marks that much I couldn’t part with them sorry not sorry.

L x


  1. This is an excellent gift guide!
    I've used a fair few of these companies and they've been excellent to deal with.
    Cora |


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