Festive Drinks

Happy Christmas Readers,
Today I’m going to share my favourite festive drinks both homemade and from coffee shops.

The first recipes I want to share has been one of my favourites for the last couple of years and its the Baileys Kinder milkshake, I overdid it a little this last year and I will be breaking tradition and I will be giving it a miss. However, this year my favourite homemade milkshake has been mint choc chip it's amazing and so naughty and good although it’s not as good as the Costa mint choc chip cooler. A couple of years ago I experimented dissolving different hard sweets in vodka (go uni life) I have listed the best I made for you guys to try. If you have seen my Instagram you know I love a Costa and this year I think they have outdone themselves I preferred the Black Forrest hot chocolate this year and I completely adore the Hazelnut Praline hot chocolate.

Baileys Kinder Milkshake
One Kinder Bueno bar (2 sticks).
Vanilla ice cream
half a cup of milk
Optional – 10-20ml of Baileys
Optional - whipped cream

Mint Choc Chip Milkshake
Mint choc chip ice cream
half a cup of milk
Optional - whipped cream

Vodka Mixes
T  Vodka and Werther's Originals
T  Vodka and Skittles
T  Vodka and Candy Canes
Leave for 2/3 days to dissolve shake occasionally

This year’s Costa hot chocolate ratings
T  Hazelnut Praline
T  Black Forrest
T  Gingerbread
T  Caramelised Orange
L x