Women’s History Month (Week)

Hello Readers,

It turns out that March Women's History Month and International women’s day is the 8th March. I am a little late I know but bear with me. I had a plan and I was going to do the full month with a different woman who changed history for each day but then I felt that was a little too much so instead I am doing a concentrated week. During this next week I am looking at woman who
·         Women in the Space Race
·         First Women
·        Women and Politics 

Towards the end of the week I will be sharing some on myfavourite female forward books and to end the week on Sunday I will be talking all things female from periods to boobs and smears!

To find out more about Women’s History Month and International Women’s day I have included a link to the official websites
I do not own any rights to any of the photos used in this post. 

Mary Shelley, Marie Curie, Bessie Coleman, Katherine Johnson, Emmeline Pankhurst and Katy Daley-McLean

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