Nothing is Strange by Mike Russell

Hello Readers, 
Thank you, Jay, for sending me a copy of Nothing is Strange by Mike Russell for free in exchange for an honest review.

This is the third book I have been lucky enough to receive from Mike Russell and I honestly couldn’t wait to jump back down the rabbit hole that Mike creates through his writing. I have previously reviewed Strange Medicine and Strange Secrets.

Everything is strange and it’s absolutely marvellous. The stories range from tales of quirky characters and a collection of very short stories. I have always found with Mikes work that his stories are not strange just for the sake of being strange and are also funny and thought provoking. As each story can stands on its own, it’s a great book to pick up for a bit of in-between reading however I found myself sitting down and reading several stories at a time.

Each story starts off with a brief introduction, there is a quirky sense of humour throughout that had me chuckling (as always).  Full of stories of awareness, humour and wonder. I have started to reread some of Mikes work and I find that each time I take away something different. Mikes' world is strange but it’s also extremely realistic when you put thought into the the matters being discussed. Mike has such a brilliant of exploring our reality through dream and metaphor, I can’t recommend this collection enough. The efficiency of short phrases and chapters is good although at times I wished the story to go on.

If you’ve seen my previous reviews of Mikes work you know that I loved his writing style. His ability to create such intense imagery in so little words still leaves me speechless. I recommend you to try Mike’s work if you think short stories aren’t your thing it’s different from anything else, I’ve read. I know I shouldn't be as blown away having previously read his work but it’s not the point he is a brilliant writer and deserves the recognition. 

L x
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