Good Omens (Amazon Series Review)

Hello Readers,
Today we are going to be looking at the Amazon series Good Omens. On Wednesday I reviewed the book if you’re looking for the story behind the series here’s a link. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know I love Sir Terry Pratchett’s work. I also have a lot of love for Neil Gaiman I just don’t think I am as vocal about it (sorry Neil).  I’ve tried to do this without spoilers.

Little fangirl and then I will get down to business David Tennant and Michael Sheen! I will be honest I didn’t need anything more. I was so worried when I saw that Good Omens was going to be adapted to screen and then a little more so with cast announcements. Not only had two of my favourite authors collaborated two of my favourite actors were going to star in it. Surely nothing can live up to that much hype, can it… brain give up it was perfect for me. Oh, and to top it off the whole thing is set to Queen. This series is being too good to me I can’t cope anymore.

Neil’s was more hands-on with this adaptation than he was the second season of American Gods, writing all six episodes and working with series director Douglas Mackinnon to make TV’s latest foray into the great beyond worth the jaunt. The six-part Amazon series has a number of big names in front of the camera including Michael Sheen, David Tennant, Miranda Richardson, Frances McDormand and Jon Hamm as well as behind it David Arnold composes the programme’s devilishly catchy melodies.

Neil has made some sensible changes to his and Terry's original narrative. He develops the romance between Aziraphale and Crowley, so that these celestial beings’ relationship is more touching and, well, human, than it is on paper. Yes I am sticking with romance sorry not sorry! they are meant to be. Neil manages to keep the chaotic spirit of the book alive while honouring Terry’s endearing tendency to go off on humorous tangents, asides, and footnotes.

Neil also bumps up the number of other angels and demons most notably the archangel Gabriel. Gabriel played by Jon Hamm was barely mentioned in the book, but in the series, he serves as Aziraphale’s supervisor, filled with good cheer even as he expresses contempt for humans and support for the final war.  However, despite the addition of characters like Gabriel, Good Omens is an undeniably faithful adaptation of its source material and a huge amount of dialogue is almost word-for-word during episode one.

I do have one thing to pick at and it is a personal grumble. There was also something about death showing up in the series made me sad. Yes it was death but it wasn’t the real DEATH, I know they aren’t the same but it was a harsh reminder at least for me that Terry is no longer with us. 

I honestly have everything crossed that the success of the Amazon series means that more of Sir Terry’s work will be adapted to screen.

Oh and keep your eyes open for Easter Eggs

If you could see any book adapted to screen what would you pick? Did you spot any of the Eater Eggs?

L x