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Hello Readers,
Sadly, I will not be attending YALC and LFCC this year but with my four years of experience, I thought I would write up a little con survival post. This post is an update on my “What's in YALC bag” post from last year. I have added a little bit on the end about cosplay etiquette.

A couple of things to remember
It will be hot (update 24/07/19 its going to be 26 on Friday, 22 on Saturday and 23 on Sunday)
A lot of people are in a contained space
Pace yourself
Almost everyone is there for the same reason and friendly

At some conventions, there are stalls that take card but the internet can be a little intermittent and there is always a huge line for cash points
so take cash out before you arrive.
Comfortable shoes 
There is a lot of walking at a convention. Like, so much walking. So, you'll need some comfortable shoes.

Power bank
While you think your phone has the greatest battery in the world, once it enters the arena that is a fully packed convention centre, it'll be begging for juice like a hobbit needs a second breakfast. Don’t forget your cables!!!

Water bottle
It is hot and you will need to stay hydrated It keeps you cool when you're stuck in a line or taking a moment out for yourself. This year there is free water bottle fill ups at Crush Juice Bar.

Do not forget to eat at conventions, take little snacks that you’ve brought in as food can be a little expensive.

To carry all your awesome stuff. You have the stuff you need, then you'll buy a lot of stuff it’s the rules. If you’re going somewhere like YALC that’s focused on books a little suitcase might be a better option.

Hand fan
Battery powered hand fans are a must it is hot and stuffy and you will need to cool down at some point. I started off with a battery powered fan but it didn’t do as good as a job as my traditional hand fan, but that’s personal preference.

Not essential but a must for me
Hand Gel
Conflu is a thing I got infected my first year and every convention I’ve gone to since I have gone through so much hand gel. A lot of people are coming from all over in a confined space it's just a waiting game for a cold.
Anti-stench tools
It may come as a shock to some people that deodorant is classed as essential! Surprise!!! There’s a lot of people in a confined space all day it’s not going to be smelling of roses. I always take a little pack of wipes and a miniature deodorant and body spray to stay fresh, I’ve even changed t-shirts on the convention floor.  While we're on the subject don't forget the breath mints or gum, your mouth gets dry and not so fresh.

Spare charge cables
You know sod's law always have a spare cable or two or your phone will turn in to a glamorous paperweight

Autograph holder
Even if you say you won’t get an autograph you probably will or you might find a print you need to keep safe. I use an old university firm folder its only A4 but it hasn’t let me down yet and fits nicely
in my backpack.

I have lost count the number of times a guest’s sharpie has died just as I’ve approached always keep a couple of spares. Usually its quicker than waiting for the team to locate another pen.

Final thoughts
Don’t forget to have fun and talk to people. For me, conventions are a magical place where you meet likeminded people and everyone is friendly. You will be in lines and in close proximity to a lot of people be nice.

Cosplayer Etiquette
Cosplay is NOT Consent to touch
Always ask before you take you take a picture
Don’t be afraid to ask a cosplayer for a posed photo
Compliment a cosplay if you like it
If they react in character don’t be alarmed (its fun)
Don’t attack a cosplayer shock horror they aren’t the real character
Do not tear down another person cosplay

Check list
N  Charge cables (plus a spare)
N  Deodorant
N  Freshen up wipes
N  Gum
N  Hand sanitiser
N  Power banks
N  Sharpies
N  Small hairbrush (self-contained hair ties)
N  Snacks
N  Water

L x


  1. This is so helpful!! Gutted I won't see you at YALC though!


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