Podcast Review: And That’s Why We Drink

Hello Readers,

Today I am going to do a podcast review, a little different to normal but I listen to so many I thought I would start sharing my love. Today we are going to look at And That’s Why We Drink or ATWWD for short.
Total to date: 128
Average run-time: 1 hour 30 minutes (does not feel that long at all)

I discovered this podcast not long after it launched and I have been following it ever since.  I love this podcast two part of my Wednesday Addams brain get to come together with a podcast that tells one tale of murder and the paranormal finally meet! Every Sunday (Monday in my world ) I join Em and Christine for chilling ghost stories and terrifying true crime stories with a sprinkle of friendship and occasional warm fuzzy feelings. Em handles the paranormal stories while Christine gets the true crime. On the first of every month, Em and Christine read out listener stories. We also have the loveable Gio, Juniper and Eva (Eva write this down).

I honestly love how honest and real Em and Christine you honestly feel like your sat listening to a close friend tell you a story.  I know this style of the podcast might not be for everyone because it's very much like listening to two friends have a casual discussion, but I enjoy it. Em and Christine are so down to earth and I honestly don't think they have gone a single episode without saying "I love our listeners so much," at least once.

Christine and Em have this great chemistry and joke around when things get a little uncomfortable. Like when things in a story get a little too real or unsettling, they always have something to say that lifts the mood a bit. The comment will usually end up making you feel bad because you find yourself laughing at the funny comment about a murder or something equally as bad happening, but it does make me feel better and lifts the mood. Also, at times they get a little off-topic, but the things they talk about are great because they are so real and relatable.

I do have a listening warning A lot of the phrases and inside jokes from the podcast will find a way to creep into your vocabulary. My cousin and I when we have a bad day and are being a little much we say “you’re being such a Megan”, Hello? Fresh? Is a now a normal greeting and “He’s so handsome” every time a dog goes past. You will not have any regrets.

Also, the names of the episodes get bonus points A Ghost in the Nude and a Pasta Peddler, A Demonic Cold Sore and the World's Smallest Violin and finally Exorcism Colonics and a Hot Sauce Love Potion. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!

Overall, And That’s Why We Drink delivers some dark and disturbing material in a way that is easier to comprehend and come to terms with. I highly, recommend listening from the first episode onward because if you start with the most recent episodes you will not understand half the jokes and comments.

I also have everything crossed that they will do a live tour in England.
L x