Alton Towers Scarefest 2019 Review

Happy Halloween Readers,
Today I am going to be reviewing my two-day trip to Scarefest at Alton Towers (24/10/19-25/1019). I didn’t do any of the scaremazes as my instinct when jump scared is to punch so not great for anyone really. This is going to be more of a review of the atmosphere of Scarefest and night rides. Day one vlog, Day two vlog.

This year was my first Scarefest despite visiting through the year and admiring Scarefest from afar. I am a little mad it has taken me so long to go during Scarefest. I loved the extra time in the park the extra hours till 9 pm mean your day can slow down a little while still allowing you to fit more in. We went as a group of four and we all agreed that we wanted to go for night rides so the mazes weren’t the main attraction for us as a group. Maybe next year, for us the night rides were the best, Wicker man takes on a whole new sinister atmosphere. The only ride without any atmospheric lighting is Thirteen which turns it into a mainly blackout coaster and we went on it four times in the dark.

I did watch a load of vlogs about Scarefest on Youtube so I would have an idea what to expect the only thing I can say I missed was the live actor scare zones in the park but I think the last time they had scare zones were back in 2017 or I may have just missed them.  That being said The Alton Ancestors are rising from the grave to perform energetic dance routines for guests entering the park on Towers Street and in the Gloomy Wood throughout the day.

I like the Ancestors because they aren’t terrifying, or there to scare they are there to be entertaining and welcome you the park. For the little ones, The Freaky Five have their ‘Freaky Fun Zone’ on the lawns at Towers Street. Gretyl, Franklin, Skelvin, Patch, and Phil perform four family-friendly shows throughout the day for all ages. We ended up watching one of The Freaky Five shows from Coffee Corner and we actually enjoyed it and had a little bit of a shameful singalong to the glee covers while warming up a little.

Alton Towers has spent a lot of time and effort getting Towers Street ready for Scarefest there are pumpkins, The Hearse and The Scarefest sign. There are lots of opportunities to take photos and selfies down Tower Street and I loved the pumpkins ‘themed’ around Alton Towers rides. My favourite decoration was the three ghosts using projections just off to the side of Tower Street towards mutiny bay. The park is filled with additional lighting to ensure the pathways are illuminated for the evening I’ve seen comments about the generators being too noisy honestly, they didn’t bother us at all.

My best bit of advice not just for Scarefest but visiting Alton Towers is to download the app you get access to live queue times, offers and directions while you’re in the park. Also if its wet or you need a little warming up don't forget to visit Shark Bait reef (Sealife). 

My Best Day Rides

Mother Goose Best Day Rides
Wicker man
Runaway mine train

My Best Night Rides
Wicker Man

Mother Gooses Best Night Rides
Wicker Man (It lost points for in incense smell)

*The reason Galactica doesn’t make it into my top 5 day rides is I love it I find it almost relaxing I know I’m odd, whereas in the night ride you can no longer see the track and it makes it more interesting for me.

L x