Hello Stranger

Hello Readers,
So apparently, I needed some time off writing blog posts. During October my anxiety and other things started getting the better of me and I hated everything I wrote. The posts that went live after October were rewritten at least 3 times during edits and I was burning myself out, so I chose to step back a little.

I honestly thought I felt better and tried to participate in blogmas but again everything started to creep in again, so again I stepped back I clearly wasn’t supposed to come back yet. Now here we are 28th December and I have written up 4 blog posts without full rewrites…. Yet? During my time off from writing, I have read so many books and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Also, during my time off you my amazing readers got me over 40,000 views, I am honestly so thankful and wish I could put into words how much it means to me and how grateful I am. I also found that doing videos for Instagram was a little easier than writing so that might be something I look into during the New Year.

New posts will be going live in the New Year and that’s left is to say I hope you have a wonderful New Year.
L x