Small changes can make a difference

Hello Readers,
Today's post is about the little changes I am making this year to be more environmentally friendly. I remember seeing a quote a couple of months ago and now obviously I can’t find it and this might be a little off but you get the point (I think).

The world doesn’t need a few people making a huge difference it needs a lot of people making a small difference

Which got me thinking that in the New Year I am going to try to make small changes and hopefully pick up some better habits. I have compiled a list of my changes and one is a product I was GIFTED.

Menstrual Cup
I must admit that when I saw people starting to be more open about menstrual cups I was sceptical. I know they aren’t a new thing but it is a small and easy change that can be made. Now, this is going to get personal feel free to skip to Finlay Beeswax Wraps. I finally caved and got a cup at the beginning of October and regret not doing it soon. I’m not going to lie there is that moment once is boiled and your face to face with it in the bathroom like okay so this thing is going in and it is going to be comfy okay then!?! Honestly, you can’t feel it and is so much easy than pads or tampons at least for me.

Finlay Beeswax Wraps (AD, Gifted)
I was kindly sent this to review and my god have they been a godsend. Nothing is too much for these wraps from sealing food to marinate in glass bowls to pack up sandwiches. Also, sorry but clingfilm is a pain in the ass that stupid I’m going to stick to myself and be impossible. Once you warm the wrap up in your hands the wraps will =moulds to most things and easily seals and stays closed. I also love the design is cute who doesn’t love cartoon bees.   
Thermal Cups
Most of us have a thermal cup now the trick is remembering to take it with you. A couple of places are now taking a little of the price of your drink in return for taking in a reusable cup. Okay so not complete eco-friendly to make but there are even a couple being made out of recycled material or more recyclable materials. I think the fact that more of us are choosing to use reusable cups shows an effort to reduce our negative impact on the planet.

Okay, this one is slightly frowned upon the straws I am reusing are plastic. The straws I take out are hard plastic ones that I got with a cocktail making set and my Nightmare Before Christmas tumbler. So still plastic but reused and washed after each use. So far these have done great and I am looking into getting a metal replacement at a later date when these are unusable. 

Stop Being Lazy
The older I have got I have gotten a little lazy. Yes, I run but I have gotten into the bad habit of driving to the corner shop that’s less than a 20-minute walk away. Like its pure laziness, there’s no excuse so this is getting cut out, I think I am worse in winter.

Okay, this one sounds worse than what it is. The carrier bag charge came into law on the 5th October 2015 so this one isn’t new at all. However, I still don’t grab my bags when I go clothes shopping. The weekly shop I am fully covered all there and ready to go in the trolly. There is just a little black spot when I go into town for clothes or silly thing, but not when I buy books. So, this one I am going to boss this year or at least attempt to. 

What changes are you making this year?

L x