Fate of the Fallen by Kel Kade (Spoilers) Gifted

Hello Readers,

Thank you, Jamie and Tor for sending me a copy of Fate of the Fallen by Kel Kade for free in exchange for an honest review.

Straight off the bat this book set itself up as a brilliant book and it doesn’t disappoint!

A great prophecy foretells that the chosen one will save all life from extinction. When Mathias's grandmother reveals he is the chosen one he is shocked but determined to set out on his quest to save the world. We are all set up to prepare for the golden boy Mathias to begin his quest but instead of the small-town boy fulfilling the prophecy and becoming a hero, he dies in the second chapter. I bet you didn’t see that coming.  

His best friend Aaslo has to take over and does all he can to help save his friends and family. As you can guess most of the story is from Aaslo’s perspective and it’s hard not like him along the journey he’s stupidly likeable. Can I just mention that Aaslo didn’t want to go on the quest in the first place but knew he had to accompany Mathias on his quest to make sure his best friend wasn’t hurt. Aaslo never wanted to be a hero, but that's exactly the role he has been forced into. 

Aaslo is pretty relatable, he's grumpy and has his bad off days. Also, let’s be honest we would all be wooo epic adventure gets halfway and be like Aaslo with his desire to go back to his trees throughout the journey. What complicates Aaslo's job even further is the fact that he also has to contend with a bunch of arrogant gods who are playing games. Aaslo meets many characters during his journey and encounters some questionable individuals who may or may not be able to help him, which was a massive part of my enjoyment. I enjoyed the wayward thieves, Teza and special mention to Dolt. Honestly, despite being side characters they are just as exciting as the main protagonist, and I enjoyed the interactions and reactions that Kal has written. Kal I will forever hold a place for this a band of misfits.

The fate of the Fallen is a story that I couldn’t put down. It is everything you could possibly want as a reader. Kals book is wonderfully descriptive he spoils us. You can easily picture the environments we visit on this breath-taking journey through cities, forests, swamps, sprawling estates, wide open plains, the setting never gets boring or stale and gives an epic sense of adventure. The dialog and prose of the story flow from moment to moment but is not jam-packed with so much action and detail that the reader gets over whelmed.   

The world-building is really great and helps it to stand out is the number of different elements from all fantasy sub-genres included and one of the most welcome aspects in this book is how often I was truly surprised by some of its choices. Kal has a talent for lulling you into a false sense of security then bam the rug is gone.

I’m a big fan of this goofy yet terrifying fantasy. 

L x