International Women’s Day 2020

Hello Readers,
Happy International Women’s Day this year I thought I would share inspiring women who are outside influences on my life. This posts contains links to support these strong independent women. I will just say two people on this list don’t know that they are so SURPRISE! I'm going to start with you.

Anita at Sugar and Sloth
Not only does Anita make the cutest items in her store she is such an amazing person. She has set up a safe place on the internet where likeminded people come together and just show each other love and support. Anita is an anxiety warrior and has her own battles but still finds time to show everyone love and sends out love-filled emails and texts. I am honestly so grateful to her for creating such a wonderful community and one I am glad to be part of. Anita’s influence is that everyone can be nicer and it even the smallest gesture no matter how small can ripple out.

I was lucky enough to meet Emma at the barrister’s book chamber event last year. We kept in contact and not only does she slay pole and look graceful (not jealous at all) she has become my fairy-blogmother. I also have so much love for her brutal honesty and our sense of humour is in the same vein. We also check-in and make sure each other is okay with the mental health battles. Emma’s influence is to be fierce and not to change yourself to fit in

Em and Christine at And That’s Why We Drink
I started listening to ATWWD back in 2017 around the 10th episode. It has been great to get to go on the journey with Em and Christine from just starting to now doing live shows. It was after listening to them for a couple of months the idea of starting my blog started to get traction and well here, we are. I have so much love for their friendship and their ability to make you feel like you are sat there with them having a chat with old friends. They have always been honest and open with their listeners and I have so much love for them. They have inspired me to reach my goals and to aim a little higher and it's okay to do that while laughing and joking.

There is a P!NK song for every occasion. Her music is so powerful and emotive. Along with being a brilliant songwriter P!NK has been outspoken about LGBTQ rights and is a huge supporter of same-sex marriage. As well as being involved with several charities. Also, her speech at the 2017 VMA’s!!

Honourable mentions
Pixie Britton
Jamie-Lee Nardone

Who is your strong female influence?

L x


  1. This is such an inspirational post and I am so honoured to be mentioned!

    What amazing, strong and admire able women💖💖


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