Selfcare and Covid-19

Hello Readers,
I’ve been struggling on how to start this so I'm going to start with what has become my mantra it’s a line from Eddie from The Rocky Horror Picture Show “Stay sane inside insanity" which is kinda life at the minute.

However, you are feeling right now it is valid and real If you need it to feel valid, I give you permission we are living in both physically and emotionally draining times. Whether you are working for the NHS, Key workers, social distancing or in self-isolation for your health. Also, special shout out to all of you all battling with your mental health. If you have friends or family you know who struggles take two minutes out your day to drop them a message just asking if their okay, it can make a difference.

I have also noticed I am facetiming people a lot more which is nice and is helping me gain a little more normality back. It's odd how the things we used to take for granted now make the difference. Also, ignore all the pressure to be productive you want a nap and to have a PJ day you do you boo!! You wanna write the next harry potter series go for it!! just don’t feel the pressure from others.

What am I doing to look after myself?

Enjoy the little things
Mother Goose and I have an every other day dance party we have put a collection of our favourite songs in a jar and pull the song of the day out. I have also started colouring in my swear word colouring book surprisingly therapeutic.

Social distancing in real life doesn’t mean social distancing online
Drop that friend a message, facetime, house party there are so many options on what we can do nowadays. Yesterday, for example, most Fridays my friend and I meet up for a coffee well today we had a facetime coffee date we had our drink and our cake as usual. I have also organised and unofficial watch party for tonight with a group of friends and Disney+ and messenger commentary.

Keep your brain busy
For me personally, I feel better when I’m learning or when I keep myself busy so I am currently re-learning BSL (British Sign Language) and refocusing on crochet. Again, a small bit out my day focusing makes a difference.

Keep active but be sensible
I’m lucky I live a little out of town so I have open spaces nearby. I have been forcing myself out of the house for a run or walk that isn’t too far away from my house or do a little yoga in my living room.

Take time for you
Do something for yourself each day no matter how small the gesture. Have that bath, read that book, paint your nail, hell even dye your hair. Showing yourself a little love can make a lot of difference. Also, give yourself a bit of a break we are in unknown territory and we are all hitting the ground running.

Try keep a routine
This one is a general MH one for me but keep some kind of routine. Don’t stay in the same PJ’s and don’t let little things slip. I’m part of a group on Facebook where someone keeps posting this reminder for people and its great and cute it shows someone cares. This is my reminder for you.

I hope this helps, let me know how you are looking after yourself?

L x
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