Cherry Nova by by Kelly-Marie Pollock (GIFTED BOOK, REVIEW)

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Tomorrow I am on the blog tour for the lovely Frasers Funhouse but before that, I have a review of the first book in the series. Thank you again for a free ebook copy of Cherry Nova by Kelly-Marie Pollock in exchange for an honest review.

Okay, guys, I did it I read a book series in order! I know I’m just as shocked as you are. Before we get into this review let’s have a little flashback to teenage me, I am old enough to have read Twilight before the movies and before it was cool and became the IT thing. It was also around the same time I started The House of Night books so I know my vampire books and have read a couple of BAD books.

Huge shout out to Kelly-Marie for straying away from the cliché and create a vampire fiction novel that is decent while using several tropes to her advantage such as amnesia, revenge, lost love and the good old good vs. evil oh come on it’s a guilty pleasure as you know it. What also makes this book stand out amongst its peers is that Kelly-Marie has used her own personal mental health experiences to shape Nova’s behaviour and it is done realistically and beautifully done.

The beginning of this story is full of suspense and action-packed but as we get into the first few chapters it begins to slow down a little bit. Don’t worry it’s a false sense of security before your Thrust into the dark underworld of Victorian London with Nova bouncing between places not knowing who to trust.

Nova is a very interesting character and from the beginning, from when we meet her you can just tell she's going to be a good main character because she is relatable.  Throughout the book, Nova goes through a variety of challenges, changes and emotions and they are all written with an element of personal emotion. We follow Nova from a scared, lonely ‘street rat’, through her confusion and subsequent anger to a glimmer of the kick-ass female protagonist we know she is going to also check back tomorrow see my review of book two and it’s a blogtour.  Nova is a strong-willed character and a is definitely becoming a leader, after her memory returns, so does her determination. You're going to love book two.

Despite all the action in this book, the story-line is wrapped up at the end, giving us closure with enough left over to lead us into book two, Death Bringer.

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