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Today I thought I would share with you my well-loved books. These are the books that have been grown with me and I have reread countless times. One is extra special though as I am the book, second owner. If you read this post and you get a need to go find your well-loved books please tag me on Twitter and Instagram, I would love to see what you find. For the titles, I have added a link to Goodreads so you can read the synopsis or add it to your wish list.


The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo

This is one of the books that has grown with me and I have had it since year 6 (10/11 years old). I wish I had taken better care of it as it is signed by Michael and I’ve written my name all over it, obviously. I say that I think I’m being a little harsh as you can see the cover and the pages don’t look too bad considering the book is 16 years old.

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

I got this book while on holiday when I was 15 years old. I was on holiday and I really can’t remember if kindles were a thing back then but I read everything I took with me.  Well, I met a lovely Canadian and she gave me Memoirs of a Geisha the day she left. As you can tell it's well-loved the protective plastic is peeling off, the pages are a little dog eared and there is a little bit of water damage on the back. I’ll be honest I think I dropped it by the pool.

Marked by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

This whole series is pretty beat up if I’m honest. This series is the one I recommend at school and the first two maybe three books got passed around my friendship group a lot. Its is a toss-up between the spine on Marked vs the next book on the list who is more worn. Thankfully I haven’t lost any pages yet. This series is beyond underrated and I am going to be shouting about it more the characters are diverse as hell, the story is wholesome and the books have aged well. I am also still missing book three it's fine. Oh! I’ve only just realised it says not suitable for young readers on the back oooops I started reading these when I was 16.   

True Blood Omnibus (Dead until dark, Living dead inDallas and Club dead) by Charlaine Harris

This is three books in one so clearly, it’s a chunky monkey and possibly why the spine is so damaged. Also, it feathers out at the top I think this is due to being squished in with its friends. You can also see that the front half is more loved than the back that’s due to me getting the second and third book as birthday presents.

My Terry Pratchett Collection

I have read through two maybe even three copies of my favourite Pratchett books. I have had to replace and re-replace Reaper Man, The Fifth Elephant, The Colour of Magic, Going Postal and Hogfather. I mean to the point I was taping the pages back in. I have them on eBook and audiobook now but I missed physically having them so I have them in the Gollancz stupidly pretty covers that I haven’t touched and they just sit pretty on the shelf (Don’t be judgy!).

Let me know your well-loved books I really want to see them or any books you have a story behind getting

L x

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