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Before we delve in, I would like to say thank you again to Love Snacking and Awfully Posh Pork Crackling for sending me a box of Pork Crackling. This post contains links to buy I do not profit in any way.

I have a snack review post for you today. Slightly bias I love a good pork scratching and snack so for me this was a win-win. Who does love a perfectly crisp pork scratching that isn’t too hard? Awfully Posh has hit the balance perfectly with their pork cracklings. I’m even snacking on the “share” bag while writing this post.

I had to test out their durability as a grab and go snack so I also threw a packet in my bag when we went to Alton Towers on Friday. I would just like to say these pork cracklings have delightful non-greasy texture and don’t make your fingers icky which is perfect for on the go.

These crackling have a consistent and perfect fat and crunch ratio in each bite for me, with just the perfect amount of salt without making any too salty (even that little one that’s been hiding in the bottom). These pork crackling have a nice satisfying crunch, and not the kind that makes you worry about your dental health. One thing I did notice is the high quality and with no gross pieces including the dreaded hairy bits.

If you look under the ingredients on the back of the packaging you are met with a wonderful great surprise. Buckle in, okay now you’re prepared for the ingredient list we have pork ride and salt. That is, it no rubbish, no e-numbers and no MSG.

For me personally, I preferred the sea salt as I have to be in the mood for spice. But I did try chilli and garlic despite me not feeling the need for the spice. Despite the flavouring, there is still a chunk of delicious pork crackling under there that isn’t overthrown by the added flavour.


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