Alton Towers During Covid-19

Hello Readers,

If you follow me on Instagram (heres my vlog from the day) you know a week ago today, I was at Alton Towers. Before I get any grief, I would like to remind people that Alton Towers and other theme parks are cleaner than going shopping. Not true I hear you cry!! Well sorry to break it you but despite a rise in cleaning standards in retail stores such as the larger supermarkets they cannot police every item that has been touched by a person or clean all of them. Yes, the till and card machines are cleaned but your shopping can’t it’s impossible.  

What Has Changed?

Ride lines

The ride lines are open to full capacity to ensure that people are social distancing. Yes, that does mean it’s a bit of a hike but get them steps in and don’t be miserable. While here I would just like to mention the line times at the front and on the app are including the social distancing so it’s not like it’s over an hour wait with people back to back waiting to ride if you get me. Also, while in lines be considerate everyone is in the same boat and please distance it’s the only way, they can stay open. Yes, that is aimed at the four girls who decided to be that close they were pretty much up my ass in The Smiler line.  


Thankfully your mask only has to be worn while in the ride station, on the ride and while in retail locations (That on is law so don’t be bitching to Alton Towers). I will say bring a couple of spares. We were lucky and didn’t lose any but our new line game was counting the masks that had fallen off, no shock to anyone but I’m pretty sure The Smiler had the most mask casualties.  

Hand Gel

There are hand gel stations everywhere in the ride line, in the ride station, as you leave the ride and at the photo kiosk. There was a couple of broken one in the ride line don’t be that dick, like what do you achieve? I usually have my own but it was nice to see the added measures.

Car parking

Is now done via a QR code the machines are no longer as you leave.


Everything else

We didn’t go into the large shop on tower street but from what I could see it was a one-way system so nothing new in the new normal there.

I will also just mention this is the only trip I’ve had some issues with the app. The hiccups weren’t day-ruining but just frustrating. For example, I usually buy my photo pass on the route but the app and the mobile web page was having none of it which meant I had to get it when I arrived and it cost £5 which isn’t the end of the world but grrr.

This time when we went, we tried Explorers Pizza and Pasta Buffet. Usually, we aren’t this side of the park around lunchtime so it was nice to change it up. This was also my first meal out since lockdown (Fun fact). I have seen how this place normally looks and yes there is a limited menu, yes you have to wear your mask when you leave the table. But come on were in a pandemic and everything is starting to reopen also they currently are using the ice cream machines obvious reasons but the cookie they are handing out instead is amazing!! There was a guy at the nearest distance tables who did nothing but moan while chomping down on three of each slice of three different pizza with his plate almost overflowing with pasta. Like mate shut up you had more than your £14 worth you’re just being pedantic.

 Final Thoughts

I think that overall, it felt like any other visit minus the rain. Wearing a mask on a ride isn’t as bad as what you think in fact Mother Goose said she felt less winded after Nemesis. We also still managed to ride everything that we wanted plus extra. I honestly can't wait for scare-fest and have two trips planned for October. Which brings me to next point please wear your mask and keep up the good work we have done so far so I can celebrate Halloween. My dark and creepy side needs to come out once a year. 

If you have any question please don't be afraid to get in contact on any of my social media. I found it a little hard to find out what to expect without watching a long vlog which is why I have done this post hopefully someone will find it useful. 

 L x

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