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Publication Date: 6th August 2020

First off I am living for this book right now. I downloaded it back in April and have read it twice since. Heads up this review might get a little love letter. In the words of Anne Boleyn sorry not sorry. Also, with this review going live before publication it's going to be spoiler-free.

Also, just a quick note this story is superbly fun but also poignant and not afraid to shy away from deeper issues and in doing so there are multiple uses of a homophobic slur, homophobia, physical attack due to homophobia but please DO NOT let this put you off. This is not being used as a shock tactic or to make itself topical it’s a heartfelt yet heartbreakingly true representation of exposing the issues of being LGBT+ in a close-minded community.

This is such a strong debut book, from the start we are tackling the issues of friendship, LGBTQIA+, homophobia bullying while touching on a gentle romance and coming out in your own pace. George has written a refreshingly honest, beautifully heartfelt novel while keeping the portrayal of drag culture felt very honest and authentic. For my own selfish reasons, I would love George to write a sequel or a companion novel (No pressure).

So here we are a stage of life that most of us have experienced that moment between finishing Sixth form or college and going away to university or into a job.  This awkward time in our lives is where we join our main character the delightful Robin Cooper.

All of Robins friends are ready to go to uni while poor Robin seems to be getting rejection letters from most of the drama schools of the UK. For his 18th birthday and the cheer him up Robins friends go to the local gay bar for the Drag show. During the drag show Robin starts to feel his passion and creativity come alive again, the experience is life-changing and he soon immerses himself in the wonderful world of drag. With a renewed sense of purpose and lease of life, Robin throws himself head-first into the world of drag.

I honestly couldn't stop smiling both times I read this book. I think that is down to both George’s writing style and character development. This book is so easy to love but it is one of them books you feel everything the characters do all the joy the sadness the pain, it was so evocative, So buckle up.  I loved the supportive cast of characters, the emphasis on living out loud and finding the thing that makes you shine. I loved Robin's journey but I couldn’t help but fell in love with Greg and Seth too. 

That’s all I have to say for this review once the six-month grace period is over I will write a full review with all the Tea and SHADE!!!

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