Mark Baker Children’s Books (AD, GIFTED)

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Today I am sharing with you three children’s books from Mark Baker. these books were gifted and this post will contain links to the R and Q website and Instagram. These books are honestly so cute and would be great for any little ones.

 This book never ends…

This one was my favourite sorry Mark. This is the type of book I would have been all over when I was younger because it would be an infinite storytime. which also meant unlimited reading time… yes I was that child.  I will be honest Mark could have gotten away without putting much thought into the illustrations and just using the words as the main feature on this book but he didn’t. I love how this book is illustrated and I love linear theme throughout as for the illustrations there are some beautiful drawings with stunning colours that make this book so engaging.  During lockdown I have read this book to my friend’s children and they loved it.

Cool as a duck

This is Mother Gooses favourite and I have to say after a reread to my eldest cousin we both actually really like it. There is a hidden easter egg on each page of this book and you bet my cousin and I were trying to find it on each page before each other. The Easter egg is a literal egg called Eggsy and we had so much fun trying to find him also side note Eggsy is adorable. This is a wholesome story about being kind and how being kind can make you cool. My cousin thinks I am the duck apparently, we have the same face check out my Instagram to see if you agree. For me I love Blake Beaver, Blake is my spirit animal despite what my cousin says.

Doorknob for a Nose by Mark and Jennifer Baker

This is one of them silly stories my friend’s little boy loved so much over facetime that is has been called once my review is live. This is one of the first books that has made him proper belly laugh and ended up making us all laugh. Poor Sam’s nose runaway as soon as he was born and a quick-thinking nurse gave Sam a doorknob for a nose. This wasn’t any doorknob oh no? this doorknob gave Sam a magical superpower (No spoilers). As with Cool as a duck, there is a hidden Easter egg on each page of this book, the easter egg this time is Sam’s nose and can be found in some really funny situations. There is also a website for Doorknob for a Nose which I will link here.

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