Happy Birthday to meeee…

Hello Readers,

Here we are my 28th birthday a day if I’m honest I didn’t think I would see with my reaction rate but enough being morbid. We are here to celebrate, what can we celebrate while we're all in lockdown and I am turning into a someone who may have to live in a hamster ball. Well, I am going for a little walk down memory lane I am going to share five of my favourite memories since my last birthday.


Finally playing D&D! I have put off trying D&D for years and now I finally have a solid game set up on Monday night. Which I love my current character I am learning with is called Ka-ran yes she has the bob. Everything I did while setting up this character was to make her the most Karen I could, from her blue skin (She shouted so much she turned blue in the face and it spread) to her spells and cantrips. She’s honestly great and I have laughed so hard in a while.


How easily accessible everything became this year! I love a good video chat and loved how almost all of YALC was done via zoom and other types of software.  I have also been lucky to attend some events in the US cause of stuff being moved online which has been amazing (screw time zones and sleep #sorrynotsorry).


Finally starting a true crime and paranormal podcast!!! Thanks to covid I managed to get Jordan to agree to start Hey Spook with me when she was on day six of her contact isolation. I'm not proud but needs and must and according to Mother Goose we’re funny (Ask her about episode two I dare you!).


I know I shouldn’t laugh but enough time has passed since the 15th December since my first reaction and that particular danger is out the way…. How funny did my lips look at least my reaction was nice and even. Sadly, they didn’t go back down as even and I had a bit of an Elvis lip. As my closest joked people pay good money to get lips like that all I need to do is use mouth wash containing zinc citrate.


I was lucky enough not to be in lockdown for my birthday last year. However, one thing I have learned is we need to not take everything as serious. Don’t mix up my words yes covid and way we should be taking precautions should be serious. But I have so many brilliant memories from this lockdown from playing with filers on facetime to trying to start watch parties going wrong (the host crashed). I think we have all become a little closer this year with more texts, more facetime and some odd ways to try and connect.

I hope you enjoyed readers,

L x 

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