Where am I?

Hello Readers,

January turned out to be a very bad month allergy wise….I just don’t mean bad like aww a bit crappy more the fact my total anaphylaxis reactions now total seven and 15-20 smaller reactions…That’s a lot in just over 40 days. It was two months yesterday since my first reaction that started all this, I am basically "shielding" at home but not just from Coronavirus from citrus (We think but more on that later). I have had to use my epi pen four times and I can tell you honestly it is petrifying when friends who also have allergies have only used theirs twice in 5 years (I’ve always been an overachiever – too soon). 

So, what do we know? We think it might be citrus but this is up in the air (No pun intended) till I have my prick test on the 18th March.

  • If we stay in this current theory its scary as it means that my last two possible reactions were caused by a friends perfume a thing I will never be able to control in my daily life.
  • I am reacting to smaller more diluted citrus like limonene in fabric conditioner
  • It’s taking me longer to recover
  • I am too organised and the doctors think a colour coded notebook is too much (The shade)
  • Even the smaller reactions are hitting multiples in a day with no sense
  • It is impossible for me to focus on my current steroids
  • It’s also not possible for me to fully function on anything while recovering (I am a toddler discovering my emotions and words for the first time)
  • My body is exhausted
  • Yes I have re-watched tiger king
  • We don’t actually know what I’m allergic too
  • I am now in my own little bubbled at home till after my prick test

That’s currently what’s going on guys sorry it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns but I’ve always be honest and open.  

L x 

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