Book endings that live rent free in my head

 Hello Readers,

Today I am doing a post that is based on a TikTok/Reel I posted. I thought I should probably explain why each ending lives rent-free in my head. Now if the title wasn’t enough of a warning spoiler. Quick side note I am on relatively friendly terms with the first two authors and they both know they have destroyed me! Also, both these books are around a year old now so I can let a little more out than my orginal reviews. 

Heroes of Hastovia 2 by Mark Boutros

Mark has found the perfect sense of balance between fantasy and comedy and wove them together to make this book a page-turner that can easily be read in a day. I tried really hard to skirt round this in my original review but Mark went full let’s see who we can kill to make people cry and I did cry and he knows it. Even as I eagerly wait for book three, I don’t think my little heart could take any more deaths and in two ways it’s all Mark’s fault. One yes, he is playing god it is his world. Secondly, Marks’s writing style makes you emotionally attached to his loveable band of misfits. 

Kill or Cure: Oblivion by Pixie Britton

Pixie’s writing is wonderful you are buckled in for the ride you end up fully suspending your disbelief and you become fully emotionally attached and you want to protect Tommy and the gang. That being said the ending of oblivion was the perfect ending buuuuuutttttt…. There was no need to completely rip my heart out and stomp on it. I am not ashamed in admitting I sent a photo of me crying my eye out at the ARC of Oblivion to Pixie and I mean full-blown ugly crying. That being said I’m going to say it again (begrudgingly) it honestly was the perfect ending to this trilogy. There are very few books that have made me cry and this one holds a special place for the ugly cry. 

The art of Death by David Fennell

This book starts with a bang and hooks you in from the get-go.  Starts with a bang I hear you cry everyone says that but with this book I mean it. Three people turned into "living" works of art think Damien Hirst but none consenting people. As more bodies and exhibits pop up all over the city Grace certainly has her hands full trying to catch a ruthless and highly intelligent killer. I was left guessing till the final pages but left wanting more. I also love a book that makes you a little more paranoid about the world. The premise of the book just fascinated me, and it was even better than I thought possible from the blurb.  The book jumps from crime scene to crime scene effortlessly, and this is probably the reason I couldn’t put this book down.

Shadow kiss by Richelle Mead

So, this technically isn’t an ending it’s the third book out of six but this is one of the book endings that wrecked me. I mean I was fully ugly crying. At the end of this book, Dimitri is attacked and left behind as Janine forces Rose out of the caves. Rose later finds out that Dimitri's body wasn't found. Another team of guardians returns to the caves the next day, confirming that Dimitri was not killed, but was made Strigoi. My sixteen-year-old heart couldn’t take it (she says this like it still doesn’t feel like a stab in the chest). Also having this heartbreak and knowing another book was on its way was beyond painful okay I only had to wait a couple of months but my god.

Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron

This is a beautiful story of bravery, and it shows that if you believe in yourself, you can move mountains. There were so many twists and turns you can see them coming, and I loved the effortless way Kalynn turned this classic fairy-tale on its head to make it a modern anthem of feminism and empowerment. The twist ending that ends this book is phenomenal it was believable but took me by surprise.  Did anyone see it coming?  Something I adored about this retelling is that it makes you question all the key characters. Loyalties are called into question everything that we have all come to know by heart.

What book ending lives rent free in your head?