Heroes of Hastovia by Mark Boutros and the power of the Lauren’s part one

Hello Readers, 

Today I have a collaboration post for you guys this post is a joint post from Lauren at Where There’s Ink There’s paper. I am doing a miniature series review while Lauren has a author interview with Mark. We met at the MCM blogger brunch (thank you Jamie) and I have been annoying the hell out of her since. On paper you would look at us and think we wouldn’t get on; our book tastes are completely different but we do get a little crossover, also out social medias are so different Lauren’s Instagram photos are always so pretty and I’m currently stuck doing bad lip syncing.  

The release date for the third and final instalment of the Heroes of Hastovia trilogy is around the corner and you guys are in for a treat. I have been lucky enough to beta read book three for Mark and without giving too much away you need to read this book.  

So, what is the point of this post I hear you cry! Well, this post is just a little shout out for the first two books in the series and a chance for you to pick up the first two books. So why read the Heroes of Hastovia trilogy?  One line I have sold this book on is Mike Wazowski in a hula skirt made of hair. Yup that’s a thing and it is brilliant. Also, Mark has a race called the Inquiso and they are still one of my favourite races as they can only talk in questions which makes for some comical and brilliant dialogue that can also pack a punch.  Mark’s sense of humour is in the same vein as Sir Terry Pratchett’s and I found myself giggling at brilliant one liner’s 

Also, for all the dark people out there like myself Mark writes brilliant villains like you can’t help but despise them but you also love them. Each book in this trilogy has the best villain but it's not always the person you expect but they are never one dimensional you can see why they have made the choices they have. Its bloody annoying when all you want to do is hate them and their action but then the humanity in them comes out and Mark does it so freaking well. 

That’s enough from me I’m going to hand over to Lauren to share her thoughts...  


Heroes of Hastovia series has quickly become one of my most favourite series ever! I absolutely adore the characters within these books even the ones that I hate so much that I kind of love too 😂 I love books that portray friendships in such a wholesome way and believe me when I say the friendship within these books are absolutely everything! 

I’m currently reading an early copy of book 3 and I’m not only adoring it but you guessed right I’m absolutely loving it. The only thing I’m going to say is Mark you’ve gone and done it again 🥰 

There is never going to be a moment where I don’t gush about this series! The proof can be seen on my bookstagram feed. The books of Heroes of Hastovia are seriously underrated and I wouldn’t be doing this series justice as a fan girl if I didn’t promote these books at every opportunity I get!  


Nip over to Lauren’s blog to see our author interview with Mark.


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