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I would just like to say I was possibly vampire obsessed during my teenage years. I read the twilight books before it was cool and while everyone was falling in love with them, I had moved on to the books you’ll see me mention in this post. Just in case any of these books take your interest I will be including how many books are in each series. I will also be presenting the books to you in size order the smallest collection to the more sizeable series. This list takes into account the short stories and novellas. Can you guess who has the top spot with a total of 33?

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (6 books and a mention in a novella)

What initially kept me so hooked with this series is how great the storyline is not at all Dimitri Belikov. It’s so easy to read and hilarious, Richelle’s characters are incredibly complex. I love how she crafted such an intriguing paranormal world intertwined with our own. It was also the second vampire series I read where the female protagonists were strong and independent. As the series progresses the books become more and more serious and it loses its carefree teenagers vibe which I think enhances the reader experience as you grow with the characters. Just a final line Rose is sassy, funny, and badass as hell she kind of taught me that it’s okay to stand up for myself.


The Saga of Darren Shan by Darren Shan (12 books)

I have a confession I read these books around 18 years old and really enjoyed them. Even as an older reader Darren Shan managed to keep me interested the whole way through these series. My only complaint was that the books are little and I would find myself reading two and half a day.  The whole series was full of great twists and turns and I never really knew what was about to come next.  The way the different types of vampires and the societies were portrayed was different to a lot of vampire books and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a shame the film was such a disappointment, I honestly believe that if it had been done to a better standard  (you can read about my opinion here)I think the story really would have taken off. I hope it is lucky to get the Percy Jackson Treatment

The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice (14 books)

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for the vampire Lestat De Lioncourt? Especially if you’ve seen the Queen of the Damned movie (Sorry Mr Cruise).   The mythology Anne creates around vampires is epic and, strangely, believable and builds upon itself from book to book, stretching your imagination across centuries. Anne has created a cast of vampires who have a moral conscience despite their blood thirsts. Some of whom just like their human counterparts evilly pursue their victims. I loved how all the characters were so unique and different and yet complemented one another. It honestly makes you ask yourself what is it about immortality that so intriguing? the exploration of power throughout this series is thought-provoking and well established.

House of Night by PC and Kiersten Cast (22, 14 books plus 4 Novellas and 4 Other World)

No shock to any of you this series has made it onto this list.  This is also the book on this list that doesn’t have a screen adaption someone sort this out! I am part of Nerd Herd Merry Meet! This book series is full of representations (cough cough you know who I mean) this series has had nothing added to it as it has aged. This book series from the start is rich in Cherokee culture, openly gay characters and unperfect friendships. unperfect friendships I hear you ask? This series has friends falling out and yet they still have each other’s backs like in real life it's one of the raw and best portrayals of friendship I have seen. Books tend to look at friendships with rose-tinted glasses and that in large friendship groups everyone has to get on which is impossible in real life all the time be honest. This series lets you know it's okay to be different and that not everyone bad is evil and not every who is nice is good.

True Blood: The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris (33, 15 books and 18 short stories/novellas)

The Southern Vampire Mysteries is the largest series I physically own it is only out booked by the Discworld Series by Sir Terry Pratchett (41 books) but they are on my kindle.  The show deviated very quickly from the books, so I think it’s fair to keep the discussion of the two separate. This series takes the mystery series whodunit in the vein of Agatha Christie and drenches it in the supernatural and the American south. The whodunit plots are generally murder mysteries without getting all the gory described to you. It is exciting, with the variety of characters and offers some perspective on choices that we make each day on helping others over our self. It is a vampire book that talks about love, lust, war and sacrifice. In the world of the books, vampires are known to the public, but other supernatural beings—including werewolves and magical beings—do not become public knowledge public until later in the series.

What is your favourite vampire book or series?


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