Retail stole my life by Rob Gonzo

Hello Readers,

This book hit me right on my funny bone. You may read this book thinking that Rob has gone farcical and too far with his approach to this book but as someone who has worked in retail, this is true all of it! I would also love to know any additions that would have been added to this book during the pandemic and mask regulations.

From start to finish this book was entertaining it also brought back some odd suppressed memories. Anyone who has spent time in retail, whether a few months or decades, whether this side or the other side of the pond and world, can easily relate to this handbook. With every turn of the page, it will be hard not to relate to poor Rob, giggling as you envision the many stereotypes described in these pages.

In several aspects, this book did not go far enough, I don’t know if this was through fear of being identified or whether Rob was worried that no one would believe some of the more colourful tales. However, some anecdotes hit the nail on the head perfectly especially when it comes to other staff, management and let’s not forget all those lovely customers. Beware though, if you are still working in retail, you may find yourself weeping. My favourite part of the book is the answer to 'what you intend to do with that out-of-date product?' most of us have been there.

I loved Rob's sense of humour but I do believe there will be a little disconnect with people who haven’t worked in retail and could dismiss the stories as being too far-fetched to be true. If anything, if you've never worked in retail this book may give you a greater appreciation for those who have after reading this book. 


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